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Lokalebasen.dk is an independent intermediary in commercial properties for rent in Denmark. On our site you'll find properties from various sized providers, which is why we're able to offer leases within all price ranges, sizes and standards. Our services are completely free of charge for any company looking for an office space for rent in Denmark. We provide leases within the following categories:

  • Office
  • Warehouse
  • Retail
  • Production facilities
  • Business center
  • Virtual office

You can rapidly get an overview by searching here: lokalebasen.dk/leje and if you need help please e-mail us at info@lokalebasen.dk or call +45 7020 0814.

Commercial Properties in Copenhagen

Copenhagen has an efficient infrastructure of subways, trains and busses. Within 15 min. you can get from the airport to the centre of the city. 

In the centre of Copenhagen there is a high concentration of older, but very sought-after offices for rent. Furthermore you can find a long list of modern and fully equipped offices, suited in the large amount of new business properties which has been constructed along the areas of the harbour on Kalvebod Brygge, Nordhavn, Tuborg Nord and in the new part of the town, Ørestad.

The list of shops, offices, business spaces and real estates for rent around the main streets and the center is very limited, but if you move a bit away from the centre, the options for leasing are increasing.

In Copenhagen there is also a wide range of serviced offices and business centers where you can easily establish one or several work stations within a short period of time.

The warehouses and production buildings are primarily situated in the large industrial areas in the periphery of Copenhagen, near the larger access roads. In the area around Copenhagen there are three primary centers for transportation and logistics. The logistics centers in Greve and Høje Taastrup are both big commercial centers and are the primary connection between most of Europe and Scandinavia.

You can see a complete overview of Dansih locations available on our international site: Danish locations on matchOffice.com

If you are looking for locations worldwide, please visit MatchOffice.com

Special Conditions when Renting Commercial Spaces in Denmark

In Denmark approximately 1/3 of all companies own their own properties. The last 2/3 rent their offices etc. A big part of the Danish commercial properties is owned by pension funds, which have many years of experience in real estate.

The Danish lease market is generally very flexible. Typically a company renting a comercial space will rent it for a period of 1-10 years. It's often office spaces which have the shortest lease contracts compared to renting storage facilities, industrial spaces, and shops, which demand a transformation, meaning that you often have to sign on for a longer period.

If you want higher flexibility, it is possible to rent a workspace in an office hotel. Here the lease period can be limited to two months. However, everything can be negotiated.

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